Nick Vandermolen
Digital Designer Sydney

I am Nick Vandermolen, a lead digital designer from Sydney with 8 years industry experience. To simply put it, I love what i do. Design has always been my passion and working in a digital environment that is ever changing and evolving I am able to continually push boundaries and create engaging and beautiful projects.

I have had a broad range of experience over the years, in which I developed a hands on set of skills and a drive to always push my craft further.

From running my own design business for numerous years to small boutique studios to large advertising agencies, working on national campaigns for iconic brands. My experiences have led me to be a resilient, knowledgeable and effective designer with a hunger to be better than i was yesterday.

I now focus solely in the digital space, which over the years has always been my driving force. I have always been excited by the way we are able to interact with technology, from a simple web interaction to the intelligence of ever evolving digital advertising methods. My main skills lie in digital art direction, ideation, user interface and user experience design.

Some key brands I have worked with.